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Taiwan Semiconductor

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About Taiwan Semiconductor

    About Taiwan Semi

Taiwan Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (TSC), founded in January 1979 at Tu Chen,Taipei Hsien, Taiwan. TSC specializes in manufacturing rectifiers, analog ICs and MOSFETs, these are essential components within home electrical appliances, communication & information products, equipment instruments and automobiles. Since its establishment, TSC has gained a worldwide reputation for its excellence in products quality.


Featured Taiwan Semiconductor Products

    Taiwan Semi TSM1N60L MOSFET.

    The Taiwan Semiconductor Company (TSC) TSM1N60LCP power MOSFET is an advanced and cost efficient option for you power switching needs. With a drain-to-source voltage (Vds) of 600V and a continuous drain current (ID) of 1.0A this MOSFET is designed to be able to handle high voltage and current during switching while meeting a competitive price point. Applications include medical, industrial and consumer industries and it is will suited for switching power supplies.

    The TSM1N60LCP is RoHS compliant and is offered in the industry standard TO-252 (Dpak) outline package for SMT placement. The TSM1N60L is also available in a TO-251 (Ipak) package, which is available by quote only.

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    Taiwan Semi GBPC 25A Bridge Rectifiers

    The Taiwan Semi GBPC bridge rectifiers are a ruggedized semiconductor well suited for high current AC rectification applications that endure harsh conditions. The industry standard GBPC rectifier package is equipped with 0.5” quick connect terminals for easy connection and assembly, the top of the GBPC package is equipped with an isolated thermal transfer plate for maximum dissipation to ensure optimum efficiency.

    The GBPC series is RoHS compliant and is offered in a 50V to 1KV reverse voltage (Vr) and is capable of handling up to a 300A surge in forward current. Applications include automotive and industrial where higher current AC rectification is needed.


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    Taiwan Semi SK320A Schottky Rectifiers

    The SK320A is an advanced small form factor schottky rectifier, this schottky rectifier offers a forward current of 3.0A (70A Surge @ 8.3ms) and a reverse voltage of 200V packed into the JEDEC standard SMA (DO-214AC) package. In addition to saving board space this rectifier can offer savings on your BOM as well. With a forward voltage drop of 950mV the SK320A will ensure optimum efficiency in your circuit.

    The SK320A is RoHS compliant and is packaged in both cut-tape and 13” reels for today’s SMT production methods.


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